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We provide the best service in the field of fire-resistant doors, which reflects the volume of our experience and vision in the field of fire-resistant doors.

Fire rated door is a metal door that contains two layers of sheet metal between which is an insulating material (rock wool) and is designed in a way that prevents the transmission of smoke and flame and withstands heat for a period of not less than 60 minutes, and certain tests are carried out to be subject to international specifications (UL / FM).

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Product quality fire rated doors

Installing glass windows on the doors (not exceeding 15% of the door area), which makes it easier for the firefighters to take a look through them for those who are still stuck, in order to facilitate the process of rescuing and evacuating all the victims, and to ensure that the place is empty.

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Fire rated emergency doors

Heat insulation in order to effectively prevent the spread of fire and smoke, and it is also provided with door mirrors in order to facilitate the exit process and ensure that the road remains clear.

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Convenient design

For emergency exits with all accessories necessary for its installation and operation. Available in different models and different sizes upon request, available in more than one type of iron, wood and glass.