Cladding installation in Riyadh

Cladding consists of high-quality panels that are used for cladding or covering and cladding the facades of buildings. It is characterized by its light weight and thermal insulation, in a way that suits the atmosphere of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also resists fires.

It is characterized by many shapes, many different and attractive colors, and the advantages of speed and ease of installation by means of and without showing any breaks between the panels, and increases its strength to suit the multiple types of different facilities, and enjoys a beautiful and modern look, and is also environmentally friendly.

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Technical staff and integrated engineering supervision of high quality

The company has a team of highly experienced specialized engineers

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His workers are trained and specialized in this field

The company has a team of highly experienced engineers and workers

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Providing products in shapes and colors that suit your requirements

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Cladding installation company in Riyadh

One of the advantages of composite aluminum cladding panels coated with a PVDF layer is that it is excellently resistant to weather factors, has a high bearing capacity that extends its survival in its best condition in the most difficult conditions, and has a high peeling resistance. Shock resistance: Dupont adhesive film and international paints are used, which leads to our cladding products always looking new, even when wind blows, sand, or climate changes such as rain, hurricanes, and others.